Why should you sign up? 

All these years your minorityness has just been sitting dormant with no possibility of being monetized. With the sharing economy opening up a whole new world in which everything can be monetized, we’d like to put your skin colour/gender/sexuality/religion to work! 


Are you eligible?

Your minority-ness must be evident in photographs. So we’re not interested in anyone who simply considers themselves to be from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background. When it comes to disabilities we are really only interested in good-looking people in wheelchairs. You must also be an "assimilated" minority who laughs sportingly along at offensive jokes rather than saying anything awkward -- remember who's paying you! 


Meet these criteria?

Great! Please put yourself on the waiting list.  ALSO please tell us about your experiences with discrimination in the workplace or higher ed. Or, just, discrimination in general. Moments where you've felt like you're the "token minority". Moments when you're acutely aware that you're being looked at as a stereotype rather than as a person. We'll start featuring submissions (anonymously). 


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